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"George Hyde is a lawyer who will step up big time when he is needed. I would not hesitate to get George as my attorney again, especially if it is for a very important matter. Not sure how he does it to be honest, but this guy seems to work magic with the law."

"Given my extremely complex case pertaining to a nightmarish divorce and many other elements, I could not be more satisfied with the tireless work this man has done for me and my young son. He IS - LITERALLY - our HERO! Don't waste your time trying other law firms."

"Derek Swajanen was extremely effective and I'm glad I was referred to him. He was well-prepared and made a great speech during my hearing. If only it were socially acceptable to give him a standing ovation. I got into some trouble with marijuana. Thankfully, I got off with a 7411. I was young and dumb when I committed those crimes, and it almost ruined my life. I've grown up since then and now have a great job. Hopefully, I'll never need his number again."

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